Artists that influenced Jay are; Emily Carr, Peter Ewart, Robert Genn, Jack Hambleton, Egbert Oudendag, Tom Thompson and Andrew Wyeth. Yes, Jay is influenced by their works, but most importantly he is influenced by how they conducted themselves throughout their lives.

Education and training in the field of painting came from working and living around artist and painters. His Father was a gallery owner and a painter. The family lived above an art gallery and this exposed him to many painters and their personalities. That was truly a gift at a young age. Jay is self-taught and considers himself as a painter.

The medium and techniques that are employed by Jay is a “Heat-set Oil Paint”. These paints are called “Genesis” and perform just like any fine art oil paint. Brushes and pallet can be left wet and will remain wet. Genesis paint will not dry until it’s heated with a heat gun.

Artistic philosophy is very simple…. “Paint what is around you”. More in this computer age it can be said “Paint what I come across”. Jay lives in a small town in the Yukon and the landscape around him are very paintable and ever changing.

What he would like to accomplish with his painting in the future would be a differing dissimilar interest in subjects to paint. At this time landscapes to lead the way but now and again there is an injection of satire, humour and history.

Jay Hambleton. Jan 2016