I am a painter and I deal with materials, methods and paint.

Artists deal with enlightenment, metaphors and concepts. I refer to myself as a painter that is always developing the artist. Having played the guitar since high school I have found that I will never really finish learning how to play the guitar. There is always something more. This is the same with my painting, it has this inherent quality of infinite leaning that gives me a great satisfaction that always keeps me interested and progressing forward. For me the method of painting is the tools and tricks. I find with paint and a brush that an image can be moulded as if you were sculpting with clay. Every time I touch the surface there is a push and pull of the image, a sort of sculpting of the image. This is the delight that I receive when I paint at my easel.

Jay, 2016


A tool for making boxes. BOXTOOL... everbody needs one.


Original Music

Four tunes recorded at home 


Truck Service

250 Hour Service

Pretrip Inspection


Try your luck against the Komputer - K and O game.


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It is a pleasure to be part of your website
and display your wonderful art on the internet.
 I look forward to your new creations.


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