My Medium is “Oil”

When people ask, what medium I paint in, l say oil. In fact, the paint is not oil but a product called “Genesis Artist Colors”, a paint that behaves like oil. It is the same price and has the same properties – I can thicken or thin the paint, or use it as a glaze, it is proven to have the same longevity as oils

The main difference is that Genesis Artist Colors will stay wet until it is dried at a temperature of 215 degrees Fahrenheit using a commercial heat gun similar to a hand held hair dryer. That means the pallet, brushes and canvas stay wet and ready to use. Heading to the easel to paint is less effort because everything is always set up and ready to go. After a painting session there is no clean up required

I use an acrylic under coat directly on canvas and then paint with the Genesis Artist Colors. The image is then protected with a final coat of Gloss Polymer Varnish.

All the best, Jay Hambleton


Amazing Genesis Artist Colors™

The only fine art paint that dries when you want it to.