1978 CT 70

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Bought this wee bike in Tuktoyaktuk in 1978 while working for the Hudson Bay Company. Memories of that time have faded a bit but I do remember racing around and always running out of gas. There were not many roads in Tuktoyaktuk back then, now there is a road connecting the north to south.

When I left Tuktoyaktuk I got myself a wooden sea-can which is a big palletized wooden box and threw everything I owned into it, including the bike. The sea-can was loaded onto a barge and sent down the Mackenzie River to Hay River and then transported by truck to Kelowna B.C. I few out with a suit case only and a month later the box showed up.

Found this bike to be very handy. You could fold the handle bars down by loosening some hand knobs, fold in the mirrors and it became quite small. I would put the CT 70 in my old beater Volkswagen Van and haul it to different places to ride.

The first picture listed on the slide show is Bruce Thomas out in front of me on the CT 70 as we are going to Thuya Lakes for some fishing. It is the only picture I have of that bike and I believe Bruce is giving the finger. He enjoyed that ride.

Bike lingered around for years and as always I wish I still had it. I traded it for a canoe. Still have the canoe.