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2014 Harley Davidson Street Glide


Sold a Kawasaki KRL 650 and in that moment I said to myself, “my motorcycling days are over”. I have said that before. Really I had lost interest as sad as that sounds. What prompts a person to purchase another motorcycle when your motor cycle days are over? “Opportunity comes to pass and not to pause” my dad use to say to me.

I have said in the past that I would never buy a Harley and not really sure why I was saying that. Maybe it was the high price you pay for the name and me not having the cash. Maybe other people were just saying “I would never buy a Harley” and I was just chiming in, like I had principles regarding overpriced branding. Did I have principles? Do I have morals, principled and ethical living standards? These are questions I have asked myself at intervals throughout my life. Anyways, I bought a Harley.

The thing about Branding is as soon as I took procession of the Street Glide I was branded. I was getting to know the local folks who gang up for rides from my little town and instantly I was being kidded and joked upon because of my ride. I didn’t understand, why were they being so mean? One fellow saw I was pissed at the “Harley kidding around treatment” and phoned me at home explaining the “Harley syndrome” and that is how it is in this “big cruel world”. Maybe I am too sensitive to own Harley. I was thankful for the phone call setting me straight. I was now able to move forward with my “brand”. I understand now “I have become a Harley Guy”. The folks in the “Ride gang” are the best.

Summer of 2018 I rode from the Yukon to Kamloops. Great trip….. The sad truth is, I rode to the Harley Dealer in Kamloops B.C. so I could load up on more “Branded” products. Born to shop.


Four Grand later:

·        Harley gloves

·        Harley helmet

·        Harley shirt

·        Harley locking top box

·        Harley carry rack

·        Harley boots

·        Harley rain pants

·        Harley extended windshield

·        Harley windshield trim

·        Harley back rest


When I walked out of the dealership that day I was in a “Harley trance”.

When I initially purchased the bike from Ron (The fellow who sold me the bike) he gave me his genuine Harley Davidson riding jacket. It included leather, fabric, liner, crash protection, “Harley Davidson” written across the back of the shoulders and on the front. With this jacket and all the items listed above I was now “Harley Branded” beyond redemption….. So….. off to the tattoo parlor.

Turns out, the next day I had to go back to the dealership for unfinished business from yesterday. Unbeknownst to me on this day the dealership was having a 25% off sale. The parking lot is full of beautiful HD motorcycles and the store is full of people. “Harley People”. “Branded People”. My goodness…. people like me. My people.

Sales are brisk. There are line ups at the till and everyone is rushing to find the bargains. Temporary tables are set up and everything looks to be picked over and in disarray. There is a lot of product for sale. The ware house had been emptied and all the slow movers and the unsellable shit is priced to go. Apparently this happen once a year. It looked very much like a Value Village being attack by ravens, although in fairness, who doesn’t like a sale?

Please Note: Any Peeler worth her salt knows this day…. “The day of the 25% off HD extravaganza” as the best time to load up on HD bikinis, panties, tops etc.….HD peeler products it seems are coveted by the patrons……..although I wouldn’t know anything about that.

It seems this yearly “door buster” sale could be seen as Harley Davidson fashion and bike show. Very stylish. The bike fashions were displayed by the heavily dressed customers as they walking around preening, posing and searching for bargains. I was lucky enough to be there for this special day; a Harley Parade. I saw many couples who were dressed from head to toe in matching Harley fashion. That is so sweet…. My Goodness, when these matching stylish couples got on their bikes their Harley fashions matched the bikes. This is truly “The Branded”. “My People”

Being an extroverted type person I tried to talk to some of these folks. They seemed nice, looked to me like we all had so much in common. A mistake. The dialogue was one sided on my part and most were polite enough using social code to tell me to get lost….. Maybe it was the frenzied shopping and not to be distracted by chit chat with a stranger that makes people act that way. They weren’t out right rude but, message received was, get lost…… did I previously mention that maybe I was too sensitive to own a Harley……Fair enough ….. I realized this was out of my league. I conducted my business with the dealer and happily took off.

Being branded means nothing. I was never much for fashion. No tattoo.

What I do enjoy is riding this bike. It is luxurious. Screaming eagle exhaust… it sounds as it should sound. Thanks Ron  (The fellow who sold me the bike).

All the best, Jay Hambleton.

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