2008 KLR 650

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I sold a Yamaha XT550 and was thinking my motorcycling days had come to a peaceful end. Not that I had done it all with motorbikes, I am more of a casual rider and for now that was enough for me. Loved the XT550 and had many great rides but riding at that point in my life no longer had the zing and excitement that I normally get out of riding. Where did the zing go and how come I lost it?

My friend had purchased a 2008 Kawasaki KLR 650 and he rode from Whitehorse to my home in Faro for a weekend trip. I saw the bike, took it for a test ride, it was great.

My friend and I work together and some months later while on the job he was pushing me to buy his bike. More like relieve him of the responsibility of storage in Whitehorse, no time to ride and most importantly he needed quick cash. I was countering his persistent sales pitch with “my biking days are over” and “, I really don’t need a bike right now” but he kept at his pestering sales pitch.

He was telling me a long story of the need for immediate cash and I asked how much he wanted. I knew once I asked that question I was done…. 4K….this is a diminished amount money for that bike…. He kept pushing me for a sale repeating the desperately urgent and life altering need for cash. I gave him 5K. Really, I should not be allowed to buy things.

I rode that KLR around the Yukon for many years. It is a great bike for what I was doing but sadly I never made a trip up the Dempster Highway. Don’t know what I was thinking but it just never came to be. Not riding the KLR up the Dempster Highway is a minor but correctable regret.

I enjoyed the bike, but found the only time I was really happy or getting my lost zing was when I was riding really fast. This style of riding was not in the best interest of my personal safety or the basic preservation of my life. I sold the KRL in a flurry quick decision and that was that.

All the best, Jay Hambleton.