Jay's Yukon and Non Yukon Exploit.


A Scoot We Took Starting For Jay July 13 th And Ken July 14 th - Together 16 th - 20 th, 2021.


Jay Travels Three Days To Join Ken For Scoot BC 21.


Day One For Jay Is Faro To Whitehorse.


Day Two For Jay Is Whitehorse To Dease Lake.



Day Three For Jay Is Dease Lake To Smithers.



Scoot 2021….. “The Ride” by Jay Hambleton

I completed an epic “British Columbia Motorcycle Road Trip” with my longtime friend Ken Busch… Great ride Ken. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Try, try, try Let it ride”…. As the band BTO musically bangs out this Canadian mantra through the speakers on my bike I am reduced. I am in a motorcycle highway trance. This semi unconscious distraction is a calm and content place, but with known dangers. A place, were a man can have a trusting and sincere kinship with his machine, where for a time the machine becomes linked to his soul. I endeavor to become one. If you malfunction within the moment, “within the trance”, the life you have always known may no longer be. Regardless we rode.

Each morning, our destinies awaited us as we move ever forward. Ken leading the advance into the known and the unknown with a single minded focus and tested bravery. Jay near behind in dogged pursuit determined to go the distance. We are both infected with a festering itch, an itch so bad, so internal; it can only be cured by the “Need for Speed”. Still we rode.

These days are smoky. This day is hot. This is our time. The day is ours. The pavement is ours. The highway is ours. The bikes are ours. The speed limit is ours…and the speed limit is obeyed. “The ride” is pure. We rode on.

This trip was all about the ride and the bikes. Yes, we went to some very cool B.C. towns and cities but really, we did nothing. We would blow through a town with our senses attuned, eyeballs wide open, sucking in all the sights, the smells, the scenes, the people, the traffic. We collected this moment. Our hearts are pounding, nostrils flared, eyelids burnt from forest fire smoke and summer heat… Yes… “The moment” recording in our brains this magical fleeting instant…. and then….”poof”… As quick as we are there…. Now… We are gone.

 “A motorcycle sirocco” left swirling all alone. Our engine noise is left behind for others. We are gone like a hot smoky whirlwind only leaving behind our exhaust and the dust that we raised… and that dust now slowly settles gently, quietly and peacefully to the pavement to be as it was before. “Let it ride” is ringing in my ears

However we did stop… We stopped to eat, sleep, and poop…. But really… if we could have avoided that… eating, sleeping and pooping…. I am sure we would have gone much further. 

At one point Ken asked me “Would you like to go see a motorcycle museum”?….. I answered “Gnaw…. Let’s ride”.

Again a great ride Ken….. More to come… Jay



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