Future Travel Plans To Visit Jay In Faro?


A Quick Potential Game Plan For The Trip.


This would be what I'm thinking for fuel stops only. I'd be travelling with a truck and camper.
Sorry... I don't have any rest or camp spots included on the maps below - Any port in a storm will do for me.
 I'm sure they have many nice places along the way. I did included a couple PDF files with some info.

Starting from Prince George...
My range is approx 500 Km's per tank. A headwind or tailwind can change things fast.
I'm also not loaded with supplies... the weight will change things also.


Travel from Prince George to Chetwynd.

Fuel Stops in Chetwynd.

Travel from Chetwynd to Charlie Lake.

Fuel Stop in Charlie Lake.

Travel from Charlie Lake to Fort Nelson.

Fuel Stops in Fort Nelson.

Travel from Fort Nelson to Toad River.

Fuel Stop in Toad River.
Muncho Lake also shows fuel... 61 Km further down the road... but,
it was showing closed on the map. I'd play safe and stop at Toad River.

Travel from Toad River to Watson Lake.

Fuel Stops in Watson Lake.

Travel from Watson Lake to Whitehorse.
This is the longest leg and I would top up if bucking a headwind. I may pull a trailer
also and it is good to know a few fuel stops are between Watson Lake and Whitehorse.

Fuel Stops between Watson Lake and Whitehorse if needed.

Fuel Stops in Whitehorse.

Travel from Whitehorse to Faro.

Fuel Stop in Faro.

Fuel Stop in Carmacks... Approx half way between Whitehorse and Faro to play safe if needed.


Alrighty then...  I made a crazy spreadsheet if you would like some travel info.

View the spreadsheet here in PDF format from Kelowna

Download the spreadsheet here if you have Open Office.

View the spreadsheet here in PDF format from Kamloops

View the spreadsheet here in PDF format from P George


I found a great Camping PDF for the Yukon.

I hope you find something here helpful.... Cheers.

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