Jay Does Fort Macleod And Fort Walsh.


Looking For Jerry Potts - From September 9 - 14, 2021.


Day One Of Ride For Jay And Ken Is Kelowna To Cranbrook.





Date: Thursday Sept. 9th

Looking for Jerry Potts  -  Part 0ne.

Jerry Potts was a Métis man who worked for the RCMP as a trusted guide… My goodness, that isn’t the story. Try again; Jerry Potts throughout his life killed many men… that isn’t the story either. How about; Jerry Potts died on July 14th 1896… Hmmm. The story is, I wanted to see the area, the geography and the towns where Jerry Potts hung out and did his business.

So, hopped on my 2014 Harley Street Glide and off I went. Hmmm… To be historically correct for the times I should have hopped on a horse… or walked… Ah Ya… I don’t think so.

We started in Kelowna B.C. and rode to Cranbrook B.C. My friend Ken Busch came with me on this portion. We lodged at the Model A motel with some fine food and drink at Boston Pizza. Life is good. It was a great ride with “Ken Weather” (Sunshine and No Rain) all the way. The next day Ken flipped a donut returned to Kelowna for commitments. I carried on to Medicine Hat Alberta.



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