Jay Does Fort Macleod And Fort Walsh.


Looking For Jerry Potts - From September 9 - 14, 2021.


Day Four Of Ride For Jay Is Medicine Hat To Golden.





Date: Sunday Sept. 12th

Looking for Jerry Potts  -  Part Two Continued.

Fine weather today in the “Hat” as the “Hatters” may say as I head up “Highway One”, the southern mainline of the Trans-Canada Highway. My course takes me up to Calgary and I end up on the newly minted ring road. Calgary’s urban sprawl is mind-numbingly enormous. As I loop around the top of the city I can see to the south the tower buildings sticking up out on the horizon. Calgary’s downtown core is 20km’s away. Massive repeatable housing developments have marched out to the ring road and soon will be marching out beyond. Thankfully I missed all the traffic congestion along with city confusion that Calgary had to offer. I am now on a straight shot blazing into the Rocky Mountains. My destination for today is Golden B.C.


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