Jay Does Fort Macleod And Fort Walsh.


Looking For Jerry Potts - From September 9 - 14, 2021.


Day Five Of Ride For Jay Is Golden To Nakusp. Accompanied By Ken From Revelstoke.




Date: Monday Sept. 13th

Looking for Jerry Potts  -  Part Three.

Just outside of Golden is the Kicking Horse Pass. This section of highway has always been the most dangerous. Steep mountain walls with a thin chiseled goat path. The pavement pocked from rock fall. Driving the KHP at night in the rain or in winter conditions presents its own set of specific challenges.

Since forever, speeding highway traffic approaches this section and all progress slows. It has always been a slithering crawl through the pass. Cars and tractor trailer trucks alike all clinging to the edge in single file creeping through this serpentine bottleneck.

As I went through the pass the mountain side was devastated, being all tore up for construction. They don’t call it Kicking Horse for nothing……..”Heck! They’re going to four-lane it”. Amazing bit of work.

Major construction gets underway on Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4 | BC Gov News

Kicking horse Pass construction - Bing images

Transportation history according to Jay in the broadest sense. The Missouri River feeds to the west and its tributaries feed northwest to access Southern Alberta. This river and its tributaries is the transportation route of the day. For earlier Canadians accessing across the prairie it was difficult and not a preferred route. Travelers would go to Fort Benton by train, up the established river system which was a much quicker and more pleasant route. Easy access and having no laws on the Canadian side of the border made the area a wide open and dangerous place to live. It was a “free for all”. Sadly the whiskey trade flourished on the Canadian prairie during this period.

Fort Benton, Montana - Wikipedia

Firewater, Book by Hugh Dempsey (Paperback) | www.chapters.indigo.ca

“No law out west” say Ottawa politicians. Out March the Mounties to enforce the laws, end the whiskey trade, secure the border and take hold of Canadian sovereignty. Settler’s flood out west. Prime Minster McDonald builds a railway to connect all the Canadian provinces. The rail line through the Rocky Mountains is a monumental project in its time. A highway is built through the Rockies and over the years this highway has been constantly upgraded. The Phase 4 upgrade of the Kicking Horse Pass is continuing this historic connection of Canada from east to west.

Unbelievable, the Hotel I randomly choose in Golden has an “East Indian Restaurant” attached to the premises. Oh my goodness, another nourishing mild curry with rice meal.

My friend Ken… remember him… my riding buddy from Kelowna. He was involved in the ride from Kelowna to Cranbrook. He is now going to meet me in Revelstoke B.C. to continue and conclude the ride. We both arrived within minutes of each other in Revelstoke (life is all about the timing), we can now continue on down to Nakusp B.C. via highway 23 using the ferry.

It was (“Ken Weather”) all the way… it was calm and serene. This is absolutely a motorcyclist dream ride. Cruising with cruise-control at an easy speed, plus a lightly curvy highway just taking in all the sunshine, sights and smells. A beautiful ride! This is a welcome change from the hurricanes and tempest I experienced in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Nakusp is awesome!

Nakusp BC - Bing images


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