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Note on Karl Pemberton who showed me how to profile. Thanks Karl.


A picture of Karl ice profiling.


Karl Pemberton was out on the ice somewhere ice profiling all by himself. I was sent to go work with him; as all others had quit…. Not Karl’s fault… I don’t think.

Karl hands me a large tape measure and says “hold on to this”. We auger a hole together to measure the ice thickness…. Karl says, “Hand me the tape measure” ….boop… down the ice hole it goes…. The very first day…. the very first hole….. Hmmmm F**K….

He was using a stick with a nail in it to hook the ice bottom and measure the wet stick with the now lost tape measure. I have another tape measure which I go get. The truck is right beside us…Bing…. idea

With a felt pen I drew out a 7 ft. measurement on the head-ache rack railing on the box of the truck. No more tape measure problems. I replaced the measure stick that Karl had with a hooked rebar and T handle that can’t fall through the auger hole. Karl let me stay.


The painting of Karl ice profiling.



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