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Here is some basic information on the SSDC taken from Wikipedia.



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The hull of the single steel drilling caisson, which consists of the forward two thirds of the hull of a very large crude carrier, is 162 metres long and 53 metres wide, and measures 25.3 metres from keel to main deck. The original 80,000-tonne drilling unit sits on top of a 35,000-tonne 168 by 110 metres submersible barge that acts as an artificial steel berm when the unit is lowered to the seafloor using water ballast. While on location, a 2-metre box-type skirt prevents it from sliding sideways and an air injection system helps to overcome the suction effect during de-ballasting. The unit has six Caterpillar D399 diesel generators rated at 1,000 hp each for onboard power generation, but since it has no propulsion of its own, it has to be towed to location.

On the topside, the single steel drilling caisson has a standard 20,000 square feet land rig. The drilling mast and substructure have a rated capacity of 1,300,000 lbs and can be skidded to drill a well to the maximum depth of 7,600 m through any of the four moon pools. Internally, the drilling unit can hold enough supplies to drill three to five wells depending on the well depth. In addition to drilling equipment, the topside includes two cranes, a helicopter platform, and accommodation for 90 workers.


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