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Mission Statement 2021


“Yukon Exploits” is a collection of amateur photography taken of the Yukon by Yukoners. My hope is to sustain a varied collection of images and stories that depicts the Yukon in an honest revealing fashion. This territory is amazingly beautiful, diverse, under populated and worthy of a good hard look at its present state.

My Yukon friends and neighbors are invited to submit images and stories that reveal the Yukon at its best and also when it is challenged. A picture is worth a thousand words ( the easy way to tell a story ) so we will let the pictures speak for themselves. If anyone is willing to write 1000 words... I would love to have the stories also.


Please have a look at our photography and stories... we hope you enjoy!


This content will always be a work in progress and will continually be edited and reviewed.

A Day in the Life of Jay

Canol Road North-Jay




Get a Hair Cut-Jay-Brad

Jay and Friends Rock Faro


Other Rides-Jay


Rory McGivern - Photography

Steve Wilson - Photography


Wildlife at Bar Two-Jay



An Experience to Remember - Story by Ted Baker


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