K K Scoot 21 - Kim And Ken Take A Scoot.


This Is A Scoot We Took From Aug. 9 - 13, 2021.


Day One For Kim And Ken Is Kelowna To North Vancouver.





Date: Monday 9th

We start with a gorgeous morning and some light smoke in the sky. The weekend had a small amount of rainfall, but unfortunately for the Province it was not enough... although it did help with some of the fires, plus it seemed to clean up the air quality. We could really use a good week of hard rain to help out. Sorry... back to the story... Kim and I are off for a week long scoot. Not knowing exactly what the plan is...  but... we have a plan to ride. With a 8:30 am meet time for a fuel top up before we make a decision on the days route.

Both Hwy 3 and 5 are full of smoke as BC seems to be on fire. After checking with the BC Wildfire Dashboard, it was showing Hwy 5 to have what looks to be the smaller fire, we have decided to hit the Coquihalla for the first leg of our spin. Both girls are in Xlent shape and up for the scoot. We take to the Hwy... hoping the road is still open when we arrive in Merritt. Zoom... Zoom... Zoom we are off to Merritt. I also checked Drive BC, they say the Hwy is open with no stopping along the way. All side roads are closed... just stay on 5.

In Merritt we grab a coffee, the next stop was Hope an hour or so later with very little smoke. Like most people would think... lets get through all the traffic and find a place in North Vancouver. We'll have a short trip to the ferry next morning. We got lucky finding a couple rooms at the Travelodge without having reservations. That evening we found some good food, drinks and laughs. Earlier to bed that night, we want to catch BC Ferries for a morning boat ride. We are not really thinking how hard it might be to find a place on the Sunshine Coast... yes you guessed it... no reservations. You don't want to travel this time of year with no reservations on the Sunshine Coast.

Travel Tip: Get a room before you catch a ferry... LOL.



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