K K Scoot 21 - Kim And Ken Take A Scoot.


Day Four For Kim And Ken Is Cache Creek To Kelowna.






Date: Thursday 12th

Day 4 of our Scoot... it is a beautiful morning. We're travelling from Cache Creek to Kelowna today, taking the long way home using Hwy 24. Temp is perfect and the girls are feeling strong. Kim takes me over a never travelled road for me... called Green Lake Road that joins up with Hwy 24 at Lone Butte. Traffic is very light and the scoot is great all the way into Little Fort. Once we came down from the higher elevation you could sure notice the heat of the day starting to come on.

We arrive in Kamloops, our options are Salmon Arm or Merritt. We choose Merritt, again as this will put us up higher and the temps will be cooler, I know this defiantly makes Kim happy. Our thinking is lets head back to Kelowna, maybe we can find a room for a little less then $400 a night. :) We can pick a final circuit tomorrow to ride for our finish to a great week scoot. After a much enjoyed ice cream break in Merritt, I know this always makes Ken happy... LOL we make our way home. See you tomorrow morning Kim and we'll ride again.



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