K K Scoot 21 - Kim And Ken Take A Scoot.


Day Two For Kim And Ken Is North Vancouver To Gibsons... The Long Way... LOL.





Date: Tuesday 10th

I think we were both looking forward to getting on the Hwy today... and going for a boat ride. Our bike loading times are bang on just like clock work. One thing I think most Xlent about travelling with a bike... is the BC Ferries system seems to gather all bikes together and load them first. I like this as you don't have a car right behind you if one should happen to mess up and take a dump while driving on or off the ferry. ( I'm sure in the rain all the steel plates must be slippery on a bike ). Plus the added fact that grouping them also saves space on the boat as well as having all the bike safety chocks in one area and not trying to place them all over the boat. Anyway, it is a beautiful day. We enjoy a snack on the ferry like everyone else, it is a very smooth ride and docking... Good Job Captain! We land in Gibsons... into town we go... wouldn't you know the first thing that stands out to us is Molly's Reach. I'm sure most of the older folks remember The Beachcombers (TV Series 19722004).

With a little tour around town we have decided to head up the coast, maybe find a place near Sechelt to call it a night. Powell River is our next day destination... so we think... LOL. Kim is looking to check out a place called Egmont that is real close to the second ferry and this will be a great ride. The day is still early... so off we go. Hwy 101 is just a great Hwy for a bike... in very nice shape. I'm sure traffic would be a little less in the spring or fall, but... we still really enjoyed the scoot on Hwy 101. After checking out Egmont we start making our way back to Gibsons, constantly looking for a place as close to the second ferry for our ride tomorrow. Hmmmmm.... wow.... NO Vacancy, NO Vacancy is all we are seeing and hearing as we are checking out places on the way back to Gibsons. We did find one place that had a single king bed for $400.00... we keep looking. Finally... we got real lucky finding the last room they have, it has two queen beds at Cedars... no thinking on this one... Thank you Sir... we will take it! Well, a big load off... I thought we might be taking another boat ride back to North Vancouver. Again, we found some good food, drinks and laughs.

I'm not sure if it was the Rum or old age but I had one real good laugh that night. Kim has been nursing a very sore foot the total trip, using ice packs at night. He even bought some larger shoes so not to put extra pressure on his foot. He was also applying a product at nights called something like Icy Hot that is in a tube... you squirt on and rub in. It was getting late in the evening and time to call it a night... maybe a combination of the above two ( Rum and Age ) or the fact Kim could have collected a lot of medical knowledge over the years... but, he ended up squirting his tooth paste all over his foot... LOL. Anyway, once he realized his mistake he got cleaned up then applied the correct paste. I must say... his foot did look better the next morning... Hmmm.

A couple flash story updates just in from Kim :

 1) Sensodyne also takes the pain away from teeth. Hmmm

 2) We did Sechelt twice.

Oh... I forgot to mention we also checked out a bunch of hotels that night for the next day, wow... we found nobody had a vacancy. Time to activate plan B and find another nice Hwy to travel. We missed about 30 Kms of 101 but can live with that. Next day we're going back to North Vancouver.

PS Sorry Kim I just had to tell that one!



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