K K Scoot 21 - Kim And Ken Take A Scoot.


Day Three For Kim And Ken Is Gibsons To International Motorsport Then Cache Creek.






Date: Wednesday 11th

Day 3 of our Scoot. Weather is fantastic and we're going to check out International Motorsports for Guzzi stuff while we are so close. As it goes... you can't stick Kim and Ken in a motorcycle shop without spending at least a couple of hours looking at bikes and stuff. We did burn up some valuable travel time looking, this would come back to haunt us later in the day. Anyway, checking out a lot of very nice bikes is always fun! Off we go a few hours later.  I've heard Hwy 99 is just a beautiful ride with breath taking views. A lot of bikes on this Hwy for sure. We took a coffee and "p" break in Squamish, checked things out and moved on to our next fuel stop that was going to be Pemberton.

Wishing we would have started looking for rooms in Whistler, Pemberton or any other spot along the way as we seem to be getting kind of tired by Lillooet. We're already over a 10 hour day of being on the go at this point...  we're not getting any younger.... not that we can't do a 10 hour day or longer... it's really about... Why do it? We don't have people to meet or things to do.  Like they say " too much of a good thing, might not be fun anymore". Yup... you got it... NO Vacancy in Lillooet as we find out. Only a few hotels also. Again... hmmm... guess we shoot for Cache Creek... and then on to Kamloops if we have to... we're still young enough to do it... LOL... so off we go.

We arrive in Cache Creek, as luck would have it the first place we try has rooms for both of us. Henry is at the desk and our newest best buddy. One thing I have found about riding is... it is great fun when it is fun... seems if you push the boundaries of your endurance too far it can turn to... K now I just want to stop, that's enough fun for today. We're two hot, tired, sun baked young farts... :) also out of water when we pull in. Hmmm... finding a couple rooms makes us... " happy campers " as they say. The coolest thing of all is Henry has a little fridge in his office, he puts a couple ice cold beers in our hands as we are checking in. WOW... Does it get any BETTER than that? I know Henry will never see this story... I still have to say... " Thank You Very Much "... best welcome I've ever received while checking in.

And again... we walk across the street to find some food, drink and laughs for the evening.



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