K K Scoot 21 - Kim And Ken Take A Scoot.


Day Five For Kim And Ken Is A Scoot To Sicamous - Salmon Arm  And Back.




Now check this out... a one man submarine. Wow... I've been in some tight places in my lifetime... but, no way would I go for a dive in this. It just has the look of a coffin or something... if you know what I mean. Wonder what they used something like this for. Kind of looks like a prototype for a new Santa sleigh... LOL.

Date: Friday 13th hmm... we got lucky! LOL

Day 5 of our scoot... looks like the fire between Vernon and Kamloops has the air pretty thick today. Again with the 8:30 am meet, a fuel top up we're ready for the final ride of this scoot. We stop at a store in Grinrod for a fast nutritious snack of wagon wheels, candy and water. We're headed for Sicamous then hang a left to Salmon Arm with another left to Enderby then returning to Kelowna. A short little 264 Km ride to cool down the girls with a few stops and a coffee shop.  Just a nice relaxed day to prepare for a weekend where I'm sure I'll spend some quality time with the lawnmower and hedge trimmers. Remember, machines have feelings too... if you want them to perform and look after you... you have to look after them.

Just a few final stats.... we travelled approx 1,833 Km for our scoot.

We saw a few deer on the Hwy, thankfully nothing dead on this trip.

One gopher -  I have to tell this little story... a truck was leading, followed by me, Kim was third. A gopher came running out onto the road, when he heard the vehicles he just froze. The truck went right over him... I was able to swerve to the right... just missed his front. Kim took the swerve to the left and went behind him as he stood at attention, probably wondering what the heck is going on. Anyway, a happy ending as nobody, critters or things got hurt during our scoot.

Meet the Girls...    Kim - 2005 Yamaha Star Venture    Ken - 2020 Yamaha TC Star Venture

Another friend I use to ride with who passed away in 2019 was always telling me we had to do Hwy 99 because it was awesome. Well I have to agree... it is a great ride... better late then never... I guess.

The trip was a blast! I'm sure if you drive the road today the music was so loud it would still be echoing around in the mountains... LOL.

Thanx Kim... would do Hwy 99 again in a heartbeat. Would it look different if we changed the direction? :)

I Hope anyone who took the time to read this found something of interest and enjoyed.

I would also like to Thank all the Google people and Kim who acquired all the wonderful pictures, plus anybody else who worked on pages I have links to in this small story.

Thanx for checking out JayHambleton.com




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