Scoot BC 21 - Jay And Ken Take A Scoot Around BC.


Let The Scoot Begin! Day One Of Ride Is Smithers To Williams Lake.





Date: Friday 16th

Day 1 of Scoot BC 21... it is raining! Yes RAINING! We are travelling from Smithers to Williams Lake today. Oh well, we can't stay in the hotel forever as Jay is on a tight time table, he is flying out of Kelowna on the 22nd. We gotta move. Rain gear on, we hit the Hwy... off to Williams Lake. Mother Nature took pity on us as the rain was on and off most of the day. Rain gear on! Rain gear off! We hit sunny spots, found it got too hot to quick with the rain gear on as we're way more comfortable to stop and take it off. Plus we didn't want to get our cloth wet, dirty or do laundry. I was only thinking... come on Williams Lake and sunshine as every Km with no rain was a bonus. We made Williams Lake... found a motel, good food, drinks and some laughs before we called it a night with a couple dirty girls. Please see attached pictures of the dirty girls.






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