Scoot BC 21 - Jay And Ken Take A Scoot Around BC.


Day Five Of Ride Is Revelstoke To Kelowna.







Date: Tuesday 20th

Day 5 of Scoot BC 21... yes... it is the last leg of our trip. Weather? Perfect! We mount the girls early as Jay is looking for a little quality time to visit sister Jane before he heads back home. Along the way we pass The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway. This was the ceremonial final spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway at Craigellachie, British Columbia, November 7, 1885. We scoot into Vernon, taking Westside road as this will zoom us past his sisters. With a late morning arrival in Kelowna... Jay has most of the afternoon to catch up with his sister. I'll get to catch up on projects around the house. What a fantastic scoot and wonderful time. Out of the 3,665 Kms I put on my girl, only a very few in the heavy rain ( most of the rain was very mild ) was I a baby.

Jay put a whopping 4,176 Kms on his girl. The difference being the distance from Faro to Smithers.

We both travelled approximately 2,550 Kms together for Scoot BC 21.

Unfortunately, with the short time we had to do Scoot BC 21... all the history, beauty and points of interest alone would take a staggering amount of pictures... and still not be able to reveal everything. I included some links to cities we stayed as well as a few other things.

Meet the Girls...    Jay - 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide      Ken - 2020 Yamaha TC Star Venture

We saw 1 black bear, lots of deer both alive and dead on the Hwy with about 5 Elk out of Cranbrook.

Quick fact: Deer kill more humans every year then Bears, Sharks, Big Cats, Snakes and I think Mosquitoes are still number one.

I think what made it even more enjoyable is the girls both performed like champs. Not one problem other then laughable stuff like the GPS is still looking for a donut shop in Ashcroft. We both had fun with our GPS systems... but, did we really need them... No.

How to work the stereo... change music. Yes... very needed feature.

Thanx Jay... it was a blast!

I Hope anyone who took the time to read this found something of interest and enjoyed.

Thanx for checking out




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