Scoot BC 21 - Jay And Ken Take A Scoot Around BC.


Day Four Of Ride Is Cranbrook To Revelstoke.






Date: Monday 19th

Day 4 of Scoot BC 21... looks to be even a better day then yesterday... if that is possible. Cranbrook is 1 hour ahead in the world time thingy and this worked out to be a great oops in our timing. Morning arrived, ready to hit the Hwy... I went to see how Jay was making out, hmmm he was still sleeping, definitely not ready to travel. Perfect I was able to take this opportunity to scoot Cranbrook completely that morning. I check out all the places I use to know from 40 years ago exactly... back when I lived here. A lot of good memories, I just can't believe how much it has changed. This leg of the trip today looks like it is going to take us from Cranbrook to Revelstoke. If we had more time I think we both would enjoy a stop at Fort Steele. The Rogers Pass and the snow sheds I think are one of the most popular passes in BC. While we are talking about this route... I should just take a moment to thank all the people at Google for all the hard work they did making it possible for me (a real rookie on a camera) to find and link to the most Xlent pictures I could find to show in this Non Yukon adventure on Jay's website. I'm sure all the smoke we experienced on this Scoot BC run would have most people thinking... those idiots took a bike tour in the middle of winter? Also the gear Google must have as this would have killed me trying to achieve these pictures. A motorcycle ride through the snow sheds on the Rogers Pass should not be done riding with one hand, holding a camera with the other while trying to look through the view finder at 100 km per hour, in traffic, I should also mention being blinded from quick changing lighting conditions.

We arrive in Revelstoke not too late in the afternoon. We find a very nice spot to call it a night. First we unload our gear into our rooms then what seems to be a short 15 min walk... :) we are downtown looking for food. We find this great place called the Taco Club and by the end of the meal we are full blown Taco Club members.  Jay with a T shirt for his good friend Karen from Whitehorse as shown on page 6 and one for myself. With a couple full bellies we take the scenic route back to the room after some good food, drink and laughs. Quick thanx to all the people who support the public bench program as we can't remember all the names... we did enjoy the spacing around town. It was real nice to take little breaks... while checking things out.

Travel Tip: When travelling with others... make sure everyone knows ( being on the same page is good ) what day and time it is.. LOL :)

Travel Tip: If travelling with Jay... he does not look good in a blanket... Just wait until he comes out of his room. :)




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