Scoot BC 21 - Jay And Ken Take A Scoot Around BC.


Day Three Of Ride Is Keremeos To Cranbrook.





Date: Sunday 18th

Day 3 of Scoot BC 21... it is a beautiful morning. We are travelling from Keremeos  to Cranbrook today with great weather. We stop in Osoyoos and again Jay treats me to an Xlent breakfast. We are ready to tackle a few pretty high mountain passes today... off we go. BC is full of very scenic mountain passes. I've got a few links if you would like to check them out. Heading up the Anarchist just out of Osoyoos, gives a fantastic view of the valley with a few nice tight corners. Bonanza and Kootenay passes are very high with just breath taking views, while driving through blasted out sections of mountains and the roads just dug into the sides. Wow.... what a job to build a Hwy like that number 3. I guess for that matter all the Hwys in BC... definitely all of them worth a drive for sure if you get a chance. Another point of interest along the way is Spotted Lake. Zoom... Zoom... Zoom... with a few "p" and fuel stops we arrive in Cranbrook. Oh... I remember being extra happy today as I thought it was Monday and found out it was Sunday. I really like getting an extra day now that 60 has passed... LOL.










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